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Anders Helmerson Website

Anders was born and raised in Sweden with parents both being pianists. He was early compelled to pursue that carrier himself but it was not just straight forward. To be a successful pianist you need an extraordinal talent but also the energy to spend many hours a day practising. In his early teenage he tried to give it a go and spent a lot of time practising. Being a fan of classical music, jazz and contemporary rock his music taste was of an omnivore. The result of his ambitions was mixed as he missed out on school. He studied music on a lower level but never manage to be enrolled to the higher music institutions and at the same time he got an interest in composing. He started working on an epic project at 18 years of age which resulted in in his first album called “End of Illusion “3 years later. This album was a mix of jazz rock fusion, world music and progressive rock and produced at the major recording studio Decibel in Stockholm. He played Keyboards and invited many other musicians. 


This multi genre was not very appreciated in the academic circles. Anders with his new skill of music production kept him working as a producer but at age of 24 he changes course and enrolled medical school. The End of Illusion was a flop and did not sell, and selling music was important in that time – the analogue days. During his time at university he was more or less detached from music. 


Years later when being a doctor he learned that End of Illusion had become a cult album and was being highly appreciated by prog music fans. He signed contract with the label Musea and got a great lump sum of money. He was then working as a ships doctor and when he got the news he disembarked in Brazil in order to work with his next album. 

It was about the millennium as he started to work on his second album “ Fields of Inertia” which was released on the Brazilian label Som Interior. But he was not aware that the music industry had changed. The digital recording technique was easier and faster to use and the music market had become more fragmented and it was not monetizable anymore. 


After that he settled in London. Here he spent times looking for inspiration to write music. He tried collaboration with different musicians and when being in contact with some very talented ones (Marco Minnemann and Bryan Beller) it was like turning on a tap and the inspiration started to flow. He released the album Triple Ripple with them in 2011 and made a few gigs in Brazil and Europe with his stack of keyboards.


Later Anders changed the synths for a grand grand piano. In 2016 he released “ Quantum house project” an album with French Christian Grassart and Thierry Conand on drums and bass. This was the first album with piano trio, After this Anders lead his own trio and started to play live in much more frequent.  In 2021 - the middle of the pandemic Anders released his fifth Album Opus I As soon as the pandemic was over he started touring with his new trio including Juan Mejia on drums and Simon Fagerstedt on bass he recruited from Berklee. 


They where touring in South America in 2022 and 2023 and in the same year a UK tour. They also played a Rio Montreux festival in October 23. 


Since then Anders had continued to write music for piano trio in his own jazz prog way. 

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