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End Of Illusion was his first album. It was produced at Studio Decibel in Stockholm with a number of Swedish session musicians invited for the occasion. He spent 3 years working on it and was released initially by Swedish label TMC in 1981, but 15 years on it was re-released at French label Musea Records where it got cult status and became a big seller many years after the first release.

In an attempt to reincarnate his musical personality with the album ''Fields of inertia'' was a come back almost 20 years after End of Illusion. Recorded in In Rio de Janeiro In 2002 and It was later released on the Brazilian label “Som interior”. The production was entirely Brazilian with local session musicians. With plenty of percussion and keyboards it blends to something different to the predecessor although less organic and analogue.

Triple Ripple" was a collaboration with drummer Marco Minnemann and bassist Bryan Beller produced in 2010. It was a Jazz Rock Fusion Tour de force. Marco is a master at driving the group and smoothly intricate interplay with Bryan Beller's lyrical bass style. There is only 5 tracks on the album but they are long but each one similar in style but definitively distinctive. With the release of "Triple Ripple," is appears that a new genre was born – Progressive Fusion

Quantum House project was recorded in France in 2016 with his first production with a piano trio together with Thierry Conand on bass and Christian Grassart on drums. The album consist of four long tracks with often quite intense rhythm with intricate metrics. It is definitely another style than before but if listening carefully quite similar to than before although in another timbre when the grand piano replace the vintage synths

Opus i came in the same style as the latter but with some more dynamics built into the context. It was produced during the pandemics and released 2021, recorded remotely with drummer Juan Mejia and Bassist Lucas Chyla. It is a Prog-Jazz album built very carefully on an intricate Piano section that drifts freely across the clashing cymbal melodies, the syncopated Drumbeats, and the pulsating bass guitar riffs, with new elements of Math-Rock and Jazz Fusion being gradually added to the mix.

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